My Non Bias Review of What Empower Network Really Is

 What is Empower Network Along with Whats Up With it’s “Inner Circle” Review 
(When you Read A Review, Its Best Thats Its From a Third Part, only because that’s like me selling myself to YOU,i am obviously going to highlight only the good, where as some one standing from the outside will highlight it all . . .) 

You’re busy and maybe inquiring yourself…..

“Should you take a quarter-hour and read this Empower Network Review to discover what

it’s all about? “

Well, if you’re interested in online marketing, making money from home, or seeking an educational platform that shows you how to do those points, you will want to take a look at Empower Network.

If you own a brick an mortar or can be a home base business entrepreneur with your personal product or service, you would want to look at Empower Network’s blog to act as an article directory for your niche an those looking for your services, then link your content in your professional website or blog. This will help you rank in the google, Yahoo and Bing.

If you’ve got a network marketing or MLM business an need a front door to take people through, you will want to look fully for the Empower Network system and products for all your above plus, to scale in place your marketing.

You Will Find In This Blog

  • Exactly what Empower Network is
  • Who this Founders of Empower Network usually are
  • What the Common Problems are the Empower Network solve.
  • What this Empower Network Products and Price tag Points are.
  • How Much People Make By Referring the Enable Network.
  • Why you want to acquire involved owning all the goods
  • Video from David Wood how the Pass up works
  • What the power is of 100% commissions
  • Your Merchant Account
  • Whether Empower Network is right for you
  • How to get began with Empower Network

  • What Is Empower Network?

Empower Network is surely an educational company. It offers informative materials, tools, and resources of which assist entrepreneurs in creating along with building their respective businesses. The education is generic in nature, meaning what they educate you on can apply to any business to see results. Every business needs brings and sales. These products teach how for doing that.

Empower offers a unique chance for members to build their businesses faster and stronger for their ability to not only get access to cutting edge relevant training but to refer others on the same services through a whole resale right agreement and get 100% commissions on products many people refer. As an Affiliate, there’re given full resale rights..

It’s no secret when you’ve got cash flow, you can scale up your company. And that’s what we’re talking about here.

Here’s a 34 minute movie of David Wood in his own words… “what is Empower Network”. Not only this but why he started Empower Network and how it could possibly tremendously benefit you as an affiliate.

  • Empower Network Founders
empower network review

Empower System launched October 31, 2011 in the small hotel room and 56 nights later, had recruited over 13, 000 affiliates and paid over $2, 000, 000 in commissions straight away to those affiliates.

The owners usually are David Wood and David Sharpe. They’ve already interesting stories and like numerous other successful entrepreneurs, they result from a hardship background.

empower community review

David Wood | Co-Founder along with CEO

From living a blue 1996 Dodge Caravan for the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii …to having a $25, 000 week his third month in business, David Wood has never appeared back from the minute he chose to impact the world. The transparent, ‘straight forward’ personality has resonated with people everywhere in the world looking for a information of clarity, honesty and desire. He has become the #1 producer in virtually every business he’s built, and has gone on to be able to impact and influence lives around the globe. Everyday, he strives towards seeing his vision manifest in the form of Empower Network’s members experiencing discovery business success.

David Sharpe | Co-Founder along with President

David comes from the background of struggle and trouble. From homelessness, addiction and personal defeat …he rose in the ashes to change his existence, change the way he seen the world …and change how a world viewed him. Before advertising and marketing, David was a broke structure worker swinging a hammer inside hot Florida sun. Within 1 . 5 years he went from living income to paycheck to earning more money than ever, traveling the world and living the life of his dreams. Today, his sole business focus is how he’ll help Empower Network members feel the same personal and financial breakthrough he had recently.

They met a live event…and began working together. And together, they’ve already founded The Empower Network.

ALERT: Dave and Dave’s personalities and styles are reflected in their company, videos and training. There are many that watch and listen for them, and think “how can many people be serious? “

Oh… they’re serious!

 For example …

  • Empower Network Pros and Cons

empower network review

Empower Network is like every other educational platform except for how a affiliate payment structure is setup. In other words, other educational platforms offer services and products and pay affiliate commissions …. just not 100% and not that has a leverage pass up component and not considering the sales webinars done for you. (Which, okay, is a big difference! )

And with any company, there are potential pros and cons for several individuals which I think is significant to mention if you’re buying a fair and balanced Empower System Review.

I’ve seen reviews by people who only tell you all this upside stuff so they help you to buy. I want to give you Everything so you can decide for yourself after having all the information. This will also set realistic expectations and set you up for long-term success.

  • CONS: Possible Drawbacks For many people In Joining Empower Network

Making the assumption that just because you joined, means you could have instant success. Like any business venture and program, there’s never any 100% guarantees you’ll succeed or even make any funds. The amount of success you achieve will probably be totally based on your endeavours to implement what you learn and don’t give up for the long term. Empower Network nor myself provide you with any guarantees of how much money you’ll make. It’s fully based mostly on your efforts.

Using just this Empower Network blogging system to personally brand yourself along with your business. If you want on an online presence, you need to secure a small business blog for yourself where it’s branded to you personally. The Empower Network blog is a content blog to work with to generate traffic, leads along with sales. So if you don’t possess a clear understanding of what this Empower Network blog is along with how it benefits you, you will probably find yourself lost in terms of your BRAND. You can upload an image of you for the main blog and talk about you all that’s necessary. But keep in mind, the EN blog is surely an authority site for your articles to rank. It’s a powerful tool.

You can certainly join Empower Network being a customer and receive all the main advantages of the products. However, if you intend to refer the products and make commissions, you will be asked to pay for the $19. 95/mo affiliate fee which gives you the resale rights. This can also serve as your payment processor.

I recommend you will get an GWP (automated Sales For EN System ) OR POSSIBLY A AUTORESPONDER(they run around $19/mo) so as to build your own list. Whenever you own your own list connected with leads, you can build a relationship together and market to them with regard to additional streams of income with time. Getting your own autoresponder is totally optional. If you choose never to get an autoresponder, just know that you’re building someone else’s list… the owners instead of yours as well.

If you’re a person who needs to hold a tangible product with your hands, this may not be in your case. The WordPress blog platform in addition to all trainings are hosted online along having a secure account login.

If you’re not being received by Empower Network with the right mindset you are up for a change, as much as getting started and ready to consider it on. Even as simple mainly because it is, it still takes time to learn how to blog and get in a habit of performing it. I have a team site setup to teach you everything you have to know about blogging and it’s truly simple. But you have to try and do it. Or, if you do not like the “Don’t be a wussy” language from the Empower Network community, this will only irritate you and you’ll self-sabotage.

Joining with some unknown person. I’ve already adopted many individuals into my Facebook Group due to the fact there’s positive energy, support and ideas which can be shared. A negative sponsor and staff can put you under and out faster than you are able to shake a stick. Make sure you try a sponsor who is encouraging their team with positive energy, with training and has proven a sense of community where you can join in and meet other folks. Community is very important.

  • PROS: Clear Advantages of Joining Enable Network

Extremely low set up cost. There’s no other business opportunity or platform i always know of where for $25 you will get started and make back your own investment with 1 sale. This removes the objection “I don’t contain the money”. If someone does not need $25 to start a company, then they have no desire for creating a change in their particular life.

Receiving 100% from the commissions of any product you resell. In affiliate marketing, it’s common being paid 20% – 50%, although not 100%. The benefit of keeping 100% has become you’ve got cash flow to be able to scale up your marketing.

Receive both in advance and long term residual profits. There are some products inside Empower Network which can be one-time sales, i. e. the Costa Rica Mastermind for $500 along with the $15K a Month Formula with regard to $1, 000. These give you in advance immediate cash. The other goods, the $25/mo blogging platform along with the $100/mo Inner Circle Training are monthly residuals you may be receiving.

High retention fee of customers and affiliates because the ability to stay in the game and operate the tools and resources until you generate profits are so low and simply offset. One sale and you might be at a break even level. If someone quits it’s because they shouldn’t have bought it firstly. They don’t have the dedication for success and wouldn’t do anything with the offerings any.

Access with a completely “done for you” WordPress blogging platform where all you do is log in and start blogging. Blog about your company, your passions, your products, your own hobbies, whatever. Google loves the blog sector because it’s already aged along with set up for total Search engine optimisation. Try and find that with regard to $25/mo! You can’t!

Products, Sales Funnels and Upsells are actually done for you. All you do is use the products to your own business growth and send traffic on the capture page. The system itself does all of the selling upselling and closing in your case. Empower Network has been created using highly tested, highly converting get pages, sales pages, and systems which can be pre-made for you. Never before features a system been so complete, therefore compelling, and so highly switching. And they continue to test to always bring the most beneficial converting copy to do it’s work.

Access to industry leaders who’re actively marketing and training along with making sales. They openly share what’s being employed by them and how they’re performing it.

Positioning yourself inside this new found means of doing business is tremendous. Empower Network has pioneered just how people business owners generate income, using leverage, teams, and unique services and products. Nobody in the history of online business, network marketing, MLM or organization has done what Empower System has done…. and they are just getting started.

In this economy with more and more people needing a new Plan A along with Empower Network removing the challenges of set up costs and technology, the members of Empower Network have an advantage for the greatest along with strongest growth.

The leaders with this company and those in leadership positions doing the courses, have proven themselves over and over again in the online business marketplace. They know what they’re doing as well as follow the marketing trends along with lead by example. As people, we have access to such a training, mentoring and leadership.

You can position yourself being a leader within Empower Network. They are searhing for leaders to rise up. To merely promote you and help you with your business.

  • Common Problems

As I did my research into the “what is it and the reason why did they do it” behind the Empowered Network product, I had to shake my head “yes” and believe what I was hearing. Here’s the challenge and the solution to which Empowered Network is improving to be the answer according to people’s desire to “make funds online”.

Problem: Getting started with online marketing technically is difficult for most people and takes them months to acquire up and generally quit beforehand.

Solution: Empower Network has everything setup. It removes that aspect of working from home.


Problem: People run out of cash to market their company, outsource their business, hire instructors, get to events, pay with regards to tools and quit.

Solution: Empower Network offers you 100% commission so you have a lot of cash flow to move ahead fast and strong with your business.


Problem: People are not good salesmen/women and don’t know how to close, upsell or retain clients.

Solution: Empower Network does that every for you simply by people under-going the funnel and a policy they placed into place that states you are merely paid on the products you possess and continue to own so when someone buys something from your affiliate link so you don’t own it…. well, it’s passed up to a higher person in line that does own it.

  • Enable Network Affiliate Fee

There is surely an affiliate fee of $19. 95/mo. This can be used as the lease of your sales materials, capture pages, live trainings and running the business.

CUSTOMERS: If you want to become customer only and NOT be an affiliate, you are not required to pay for the $19. 95/mo affiliate price.

AFFILIATES: If you DO desire to refer these products, you will be required to hold an affiliate status along with pay $19. 95/mo affiliate price.

  • What are the Empower System Products and Price Points?

There are 5 products at this time.

empower network team

  • Product #1: Enable Network Blog $25/mo

The blog you have looks like the one inside picture on the left. You will receive a blog under this domain of Empower Network. Whenever you join Empower Network, you simply log in and start blogging. Your blog is automatically created and setup the moment you sign in place.

No set up
No complex stuff
Nothing to install

What’s special regarding the Empower Network Blog?

When you Join Empower Network – you will get an INSTANT AUTHORITY BLOG of which ranks. You can brand the item to yourself through your picture and sidebar widgets.

So you will get in, get busy and commence producing results almost overnight.

Which changes the game completely – it doesn’t matter what you are currently promoting or will promote later on.

Because it does not matter what we are promoting.

To take your business to a higher level you HAVE TO get your content to rank on the search engines and the fastest, easiest, most fool-proof means of making that happen is to get started on posting and promoting your content on an authority site.

Seriously. Having an authority blog available puts the odds of success greatly on your side and gives you a solid 3-6 month head start over those who are setting up their own blogs from scratch must be new blog simply doesn’t have any age or authority and merely WILL NOT rank well on the search engines for a good 90-120 nights or longer.

It’s important to remember that the Empower Network blog just isn’t designed to promote your brand name, but rather is designed to generate you money. You CAN upload your own picture into the header of the blog if you want. But realize, it’s a articles blog with advertising, and you win on both accounts. Bankruptcy lawyer las vegas readers find your Empower Website, they can enjoy the articles, buy your stuff, and/or click on the header or sidebar where they can read more about making money with blogging and join along.

The Empower Network blog was created to generate traffic, leads and sales in your case. Once they land on your own EN blog, you can take them wherever you want them to go, including your own personally branded blog, store web site, professional services website or every other place.

  • Product or service #2: Inner Circle Audio Education $100/mo recurring

The Inner Circle audio trainings are interviews in the top leaders inside of Enable Network sharing what they are doing to ensure success. New interviews are added constantly and each come from a different perspective. It’s great knowledge and always insightful in regards to what others are doing to be successful in their businesses.

You will find these being both inspirational and educational and will provide you with strategies for marketing and what’s working now. There’s a library of audios and even more are added weekly.

These are designed for you to listen to in your rest time. Meaning, while your driving, cleaning the house, working out, mowing the grass, relaxing, etc. They are downloadable in your case upload into any listening product.

You must be putting good positive information into your brain everyday to get good good success.

Here’s a couple of summaries in the trainings:

How To Close 95% Of Prospects Into Your business

In this weekly training call David Sharpe and David Solid wood teach the dynamics of concluding; what to look for in yourself and what to take into consideration your prospects. We’ll give real life types of what language to use and how to overcome people regardless of their personality. Most people think closing can be a secret. We’ll dispel that myth and educate you on how to overcome your battles with closing prospects …like the boss!

Free Your Lifestyle With the POWER of a SYSTEM

Mark is surely an industry veteran with 18 years of Mlm success. He’s known internationally with regard to his communication ability, sales capacity, and his knowledge of team building. In this audio, we teach the best way to cast a vision, work that has a team, and how to build the business… while having a life while doing so: ) This one is PURE GOLD – listen in 3-5 times, and it will change yourself, in any business.

Member Teaching Call – Why Am When i Getting No Results?

I got some text from an Empower Network member, who was not getting the final results that they want. I asked some questions, and found that it might be useful if I popped for the phone, and coached him over the process of re-thinking his company. After doing the call, I thought the audio was valuable enough to members to express in the Inner Circle. We consider re-targeting his market, refocusing the lead strategy, and learning to become ‘marketing scientist’ rather than swinging wildly at midnight, hoping for a ‘magic’ result. The audio is broken up in parts for reasons unknown, but keep listening, all the important content is there.

How In order to Massively Scale Your Marketing

This is probably the most interesting, and in depth trainings of which I’ve heard on how to generate a massive ‘army’ of outsourcers who work all for 24 hours to make you money. This can be a leadership audio, with ADVANCED tactic. You’ll learn how to degree an ad budget – how to proceed when you’re new, and how to go from in which you are to where you want being.
$4, 550 in One Day Through Text messaging

Simon has been online advertising and marketing since 1997, and before of which, made his living through direct mail inside offline direct response marketing earth. Starting from scratch, he manufactured $12, 200 his first 30 days with Empower Network, and placed 8th in our affiliate competition. In this music, he uncovers a secret strategy that she used (just yesterday) to earn $4, 550 in commissions by sending an easy text message. This really is usually brilliant.

  • Product or service #3: Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive:

$500 one-time purchase

The Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive includes 12 hours of HD recordings coming from David Wood’s live event summer time of 2011. In this articles, he shares his exact enterprize model from start to finish how to create and build a small business.

A small group of new business owners and marketers were invited to take part in this training and paid $3, 000 to attend this weekend event plus air fare, lodging and food expenses.

Empower Network members will be able to pick this up for just $500.

The topics in this Costa Rica Mastermind Intensive method are:

Network Marketing Sex Appeal What Does and Fails
Nobody Wants To Sell Candy Viral Sustainability
Positive Framing To Convert More Sales The energy of Metaphors
Speak Your Prospect’s Language Getting People To Buy Stuff
What is Attraction Marketing? Empower Hour
Do Less And Make More Create Money out of Thin Air
How To Sell To Everyone Atlanta divorce attorneys Way Marketing for Smart Individuals
Creating A Lasting Team Culture Keeping it all together.
SEO Get your stuff to rank, FAST.
How To create a Compelling Story Your Story is Everything that matters.
Bonus Video: The Birth Of Empower Network The way to Use Empower Network in Your business

  • Product #4: $15K Method

$1, 000 one-time purchase

This device features 8 webinars, 3 several hours each.

The training consists of specific know hows to develop your Empower Network business to $15K every thirty days in 90 days and it really is taught by leaders inside Empower Network who’re doing it everyday.

These same strategies can accustomed to build ANY business the same way. When considering the content along with training, each webinar in along with of itself could easily always be worth $300-$500. It’s a good value.
Here’s the lineup connected with webinar trainings

How to create socially compelling content – ways to get people to take action about what you’re offering.
Syndication Mastery – Getting people to see, love and comment in your case.
Backlinking – Get your website content ranked fast.
Facebook advertisement and solo ads (paid marketing)
Direct mail and Voice Broadcasting – what’s it all about and getting started
Upselling along with leadership
Advanced SEO Tactics
Revenue Pulling Magazine Ads

  • Product #5: Professionals Retreat

$3, 500 one-time invest in

This product features 39 videos and is also the entire weekend mastermind while using top industry earners.

In my estimation, this would make a great course for that newbie, just starting out and trying to puzzle out how it all works. I’m able to tell you for positive, had I had a course like this as i first started, I could have got achieved success a bazillion times quicker.

So lucky for you!

Here’s a lineup of the courses videos. As you can see with the titles, these are the essence of what makes up the ability to market online, the do’s and dont’s along with the how and why it works.

It’s a long list… nevertheless here goes!

Masters Course Introduction
Taking Massive Action
Your First 30 days Online
Getting Past The Mill
Choosing Your Best Strategy
Making use of Current Valid Guidance
Using A story For Sales
Accepting The Malfunction Of Others
Leveraging The Success Of Others
Do The Operate Once
Believing Your Own Success Is achievable
Using Your Strengths
Focusing In your Strengths
Do As I Do
Leaders Calling You
Pointing In order to Resources
Mapping Out The Basic principles
Tweaking Your Methods
Creating Your current Marketing Message
Making More Now is easier
Creating Valuable Content
How To produce a Compelling Offer
Targeting Your Qualified prospects Decisions
Be Who You Usually are
Connecting With Prospects
A Sense Of In which you are
Do You Have A Strategy?
Email Storytelling
Uncovering Desire
In the event that It Works, Does It Raise Your Workload?
Keeping The Staff Moving
Community Culture
Keeping The Team On The Vision Of The result
Reinforcement Patterns
Using Your Individual System
Leveraging Buying Frenzy
Creating Content For that Outcome
Setting Yourself Up For Success
The Basics Make Your money
Doing Instead Of Asking

  • Empower Network Commissions

empower networkThe Empower Network Commissions you earn when you make a sale is 100%. Actually, more than 100% because it’s actually a highly leveraged affiliate program.

You could find a zillion programs to be an affiliate for and you will probably find that the typical profits paid are between 10% along with 50%. The average is concerning 30%. With Empower Network, when you refer a product or service, you are paid 100% internet marketer commissions.

How does Empower Network generate profits if they are paying available 100% commissions? The same way the affiliates generate profits. The company has their personal link and they go market like everyone else.

When you market any product or service, the effort, time, energy and money could be the same. Do you realize of which? And when someone says ‘yes’ to your product or service, don’t you want it to mean something to your money?

empower network review

  • Why Own Just about all Five Products?

You want to own every of the products that you are able to.

1) You need the knowledge and training!

2) You need 100% profits to scale up your other businesses and owning products will position you for doing that.

3) It shows you’re seriously interested in your business. You can see your own commitment in action.

4) You lead by example for those you may be bringing in and they will work what you do.

5) Whenever you refer others and don’t possess a particular product they buy, those commissions are passed as much as your sponsor.

  • Understanding The Bypass Sales

Passups create leverage in order to be out living your life and having others working for you, (those below you), making sales so you get paid. Likewise, you will probably be passing sales up too.

Watch this short video from David Wood how the pass up sales function. Notice you get every a couple of, 4, 6 and every 5 thereafter on everyone under that you infinity. This is not multi level marketing or MLM, it’s a upright affiliate product and only One individual is paid. The leveraged feature is just a twist.

  • The Benefit connected with Receiving 100% Commission through Enable Network

If you’ve been trying to generate income, you know how much you pocket and keep is critical business. One of the problems Enable Network addresses is that of struggling internet marketers and MLM affiliates running out of money to build their company.

There’s two scenarios. The work from home business owner with no money but lots of time. They sit for hours at their computer figuring out the free stuff. They get frustrated because doing so takes too long to get results and they also quit.

Then there’s the one that has money for a advertising and marketing budget but unless they’ve produced their communication, closing and management skills, they soon run out connected with money or see it in its entirety in the boat because there is no income coming in to switch it. They often quit.

Wood and Sharp wanted people to “stick around and build their businesses” in order that they came up with a way for you to have great products you could refer and keep 100% profits.

With utilizing the Empower Network into your company model, you will have the cash you need to:

pay for technical assistance in setting up your primary business stuff.
pay for outsourcing many aspects of most of your business.
pay for tools and resources you’ve been attempting to get.
pay for marketing along with getting through that learning necessities.
pay for one on one coaching.
pay for events along with seminars, travel expenses.
join that high ticket affiliate program you’ve been attempting to
Just live your life. Maybe Empower is all you have to and want (which in and of itself will probably be your biggest stream of income)

  • Who can Benefit From Using Empower System?

The Empower Network is consisting of newbies and rookies to 6 and 7 figure earners in most different industries….

Network Marketers and people with a traditional MLM enterprize model
Affiliate Marketers
Small business owners who work at home
Small business owners who own physical businesses
Professional with practices… health professionals, dentists, lawyers, accountants, real auctions
Anyone who desires to make money using the internet and is ready to get going

Members of Empower Network include stay at home mothers and fathers, professionals, laborers, young, old, middle from the road, all backgrounds, and people….. It’s a beautiful melting pot of everyone from all over the world.

  • How you are paid

Becoming an internet marketer with Empower Network is elective. You can certainly become a member only and use the great products to learn and build whatever business you want.

Should you wish to become an affiliate and receive 100% commissions when you refer others, you are instructed to pay an affiliate fee connected with $19. 95/mo. This is for the usage of the system, the capture pages, the support, the back office plus much more. This also serves as your own payment processor. There will always be misc. fees somewhere in the 6% range for fees on each product you sell in the merchant account provider.

You can select to always be paid by check or as a result of your Empower Network e-wallet and have absolutely funds directly deposited into your money.

Empower Network MAY be for you IF….

  • you’re tired of measly affiliate commissions
  • you don’t want to get into your ‘job’ money to pay business expenses
  • you want to build your business faster and stronger
  • you want to remove the level of difficulty in getting started with making money online for yourself and your downline
  • you understand the value of leveraged commissions and are excited about that

To Watch a Introduction of Empower Network go here.

Daniel Vega  
 Free; Video Capture Page System 

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