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  Marketing System (MCA OR ANY Product)

Have you recently signed up for Motor Club of America or are considering signing up and make some additional income with their associate referral program? My name is Daniel, I am Not a professional marketer i Jsut noticed a lot of interest and attention focused on the MCA program.
I noticed a lot of people who are confused or inexperienced  in promoting or marketing their MCA link beyond their circle of friends and family to sign up under. The whole concept seems like a great idea until they stop and think about how to promote the idea and then have no idea what to do to make a big income.
Watching what people have been doing to try to make a good income from the MCA program I noticed they have been doing things all wrong and I thought I might be able to help a lot of people succeed in doing it right and making it work for them.
You must understand how important it is to put an organized marketing plan in place  and focus your efforts. If you have already signed up or are considering signing up, you still have a lot to learn. If you are still considering to sign up this report will get you on the right track and help you out.
The biggest mistake I see is people just sending out their sign up affiliate link expecting people to just sign up. You need to add more content, just sending a sign up link with a  short message that just says sign up here won’t get you much success in this kind of a business.
Why not create a simple ebook that will offer some valuable content inside along with  your sign up link. You can do this very easy by downloading Open Office to create a
pdf document. Download it here:
Once you have created a document in Open Office, just click File; Export As PDF when you’re complete. Go Download the Open Office right now, it’s completely free.
What you want to do next is set up a separate twitter account for promoting and marketing only.
You can use your picture or someone else’s picture or a logo, name your twitter account with the MCA name attached to it. In your profile or biography include a link to your sign up page for MCA.
This next step is very important. You want to have some level of social establishment before you begin your marketing and promoting with your new twitter account. People will find you more credible and will give you their attention if your twitterprofile already has a number of followers.
Having a special twitter page set up just for promoting your MCA program is very effective as long as you have a certain number of people following you, you then want to follow half or 50% of them back so that you have a very nice twitter social presence happening.
Fiverr is the place to go to get some start up followers for building that social presence. A lot of people are offering ‘gigs’ to choose from and this can be a little confusing.
Here is a reliable gig you can choose to get things rolling: http:// there are a couple options, 500 followers is $5, I would suggest opting for the EXTRAS offer to get 1,000 followers for $10.
As a minimum you should have 1,000 followers already in your twitter account following you before you begin promoting your sign up link for MCA. This will really get you started on a good footing, once you order the gig and your followers are delivered, follow 50% of them back to give you a natural social footprint and a credible twitter account.
Now once you have these completed, your twitter profile filled out, a minimum of 1,000 followers and following back 50% of them you’re ready to start marketing and promoting in a very professional way better than 99% of everyone else.
Now is what you want to do next is spend a certain amount of time each day when you login to your twitter account and start promoting your sign up link. Here is what you want to do. Go to the top of your twitter account and using the SEARCH box start searching for certain groups of words, put quotation marks around these words to find people who are tweeting about your search words.
These are examples of words to search for: “working from home”, “work needed”, “needing money”, “being bored”, “car broke down”, “quitting my job”, “just got fired”, or a keyword variation like “interested in MCA”, “sign up for MCA”, “make money selling MCA”, “is MCA legit”, “does MCA work”, etc.,etc, etc!
Your looking for people who are tweeting that match the word groups you are searching for. You simply Retweet that tweet, follow the person who tweeted the tweet and then simply reply to that tweet promoting your sign up link but a different twist, rather than promoting your link directly you will be promoting your ebook you will make after you finish reading this report.
Ok, so when your tweets are helping people and educating them with your ebook rather than promoting directly your sign up link, just tell them YOU are teaching people about how YOU are making money for free and then give them your link to download your ebook. Your sign up link to MCA will be inside your ebook.
Here is an Example:
“Hi so your signed up with MCA? I’m showing people how I make money without having to bug all my friends and family check it out here:
Now you also want to make sure you send out other tweets not related to your promotion or marketing efforts so you look natural and your footprint on twitter looks credible.
You will also want to get some other information about marketing by looking at similar programs and learn how they do promotion and business building.
There is some great information on….
Start right now, you should recreate this entire ebook word for word and include your MCA sign link in the beginning of the report or at the end of your ebook so people can sign up under you! Get going help others and make more cash on your paycheck paydays!

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